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Sea Kayak   by Peter Lenkefi


Sea kayaking is a very popular sport and the recent increase in kayak fishing is seeing the sport taking off to previously unseen heights; itís a fun and energetic sport that can be enjoyed by people of any age, shape and size but you should always take your safety very seriously when you jump into your sea kayak for a quick paddle. Weather conditions can turn quickly and with very little warning and there are quite a number of sea kayak related deaths each year mostly caused by kayakers not taking their safety seriously.

Make sure it floats.

Iím not just talking about your sea kayak; Iím talking about any essential equipment on board your boat. Paying $30 for a bilge pump could be the best money youíve ever spent but if you roll and your pump doesnít float you may as well have left it at home. This goes for any equipment that you may need in an emergency; if it doesnít float by design put it in a container that will float. This is especially important if itís not waterproof but needs to stay dry because even the waterproof areas of your kayak will let water in when you roll.

The most essential piece of equipment Ė the PFD.

A PFD is a personal floating device and if you ever consider going out in your sea kayak without taking a PFD you shouldnít be going out at all. Itís very simple, buy one and wear it. Some parts of the world donít demand that you wear it but you should carry it, in my opinion this isnít good enough. You can buy excellent PFDs that not only look good and feel comfortable but have storage pockets for holding your vital equipment. There really is no excuse for not wearing one and if you only take one piece of this article inn I hope itís this one. Wear a PFD at all times when you are in your sea kayak.

Never paddle alone.

Weather conditions can change in an instant with little or no warning and it is essential that you have at least one other person with you to help if things get too much or if the unexpected happens. A kayaking partner really can save your life.

Other equipment.

Carry a compass, map, food, water, matches (in a water tight container), flare gun, cell phone and anything else you think you might need. It will all fit into one small bag or even into the storage pockets of the PFD you should be wearing. Also, a pump is a necessity because if your kayak is full of water after rolling or capsizing you are either going to get hypothermia or you arenít going to be able to make it back to shore but please make sure it floats because if you roll the first thing you wonít be thinking of is catching your pump.

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For more more information about sea kayaks please visit http://www.kayak-tips.com

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