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Other Sports


Very popular in Palomar Mountain State Park

San Diego provides very well to the bicycle-fanatic with bicycle lanes accessible on most all roads and many bike paths throughout the area. Bicycling is also prevalent along the boardwalks at the beach.

Ice Skating

-Ice Chalet, University Towne Centre: (619) 452-9110
-San Diego Ice Arena, San Diego: (619)530-1825

Despite what is really a huge misconception about San Diego, there is actually public ice skating access year round! Enjoyable sports aside from ice skating include broomball or hockey.

Indoor Sports

-Balboa Park Activity Center: (619) 581-7100
-San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department: (858) 694-3049

For those who like indoor activities such as bowling, bridge, chess, table tennis, and arts-and-crafts clubs, San Diego provides numerous venues. Dance groups such as international folk dance, Middle Eastern belly dancing, Hawaiian hula dancing, square dance, swing dance, and tap and ballet dance provide lessons and parties around the county.

Inline Skating

-Hamel Sports on the Mission Beach Boardwalk: (619) 488-5050
-Rock & Roll at the Escondido Sports Center: (760) 839-0796

Just about 80% of the nationís inline skating industry is based here in San Diego. Famously known top line inline skaters featured on ESPNís X-Games live in North County so it is no surprise that skating has boomed in popularity around the city. Many women over 30 are commonly incorporating inline skating into their regular fitness activities!


Escondido Sports Center, Escondido: (760) 839-5425
YMCA Skate Park; (619) 298-3576
Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA: (760) 942-9622
Robb Field Skateboard Park: (619) 531-1563

Although it is important to understand that skateboarding is never allowed on any of the following: school property, malls, shopping centers, parking lots, or on the street, there are numerous designated spots listed above where the skateboard-fanatics can show off their tricks.

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