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Some Facts About San Diego
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Some Facts About San Diego

Considering how San Diego is one of the best cities in the United States, its very easy to tell how popular the city is for tourists. Pulled from the many achievements behind San Diego, let's take a look at several facts behind this amazing city.

Fact 1

Within the city limits of San Diego live more than 1 million people. This makes the city the second largest in California and the sixth biggest in the entire United States! Although the city to be this large, the residents still have that hometown experience - which is quite amazing!

Fact 2

No matter what season it is, it's never the wrong time to visit. The weather is nearly perfect year round, giving you the chance to experience everything offered here. With an annual high of 80 degrees and a low of 55 degrees, you can pretty much go swimming year round.

Fact 3

If you visit between December - March, you can try and see the impressive gray whale. Up and down the coast or aboard a cruise, you can catch this fantastic mammal.

Fact 4

If you journey just 23 miles south, you'll be in the beautiful city of Tijuana. What was once known as dangerous, happens to be an nice place of Mexican hospitality, with great restaurants, shopping, and a pleasing nightlife.

Fact 5

San Diego offers a gorgeous array of flowers and roses. With the environment being dry, it's the perfect conditions for roses, wild daises, and other exotic flowers. With different flowers in the winter and summer months, devoted flower lovers will enjoy with everything San Diego has to offer them.

Fact 6

It's well known that one of the largest attractions in San Diego are the beaches. Make sure you pay attention to the signs though, as the beauty behind the beaches changes almost as much as the rules do.

Fact 7

When it comes to nightlife, San Diego has something to please everyone. From country dancing to singing in a bar, the city has a pretty exciting nightlife. No matter what you like to do at night, San Diego has it all - and probably a lot more.

Fact 8

The most attractive feature in San Diego is the zoo. The 100 acre zoo here hosts almost 4000 animals all of which have tons of room to roam around. With pandas for everyone to see, the San Diego zoo is reason enough to give the city a visit.

For more reasons than one, San Diego is the ideal city to visit. You can visit here with family or friends and know that you'll always have places to go and things to see. Winter or summer, San Diego is the one place you'll never find boring.


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